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Design+Build / Makeseries was a student-run competition started at the University of Illinois in collaboration with Will Prescott and William Smarzewski during the final year of our undergraduate studies. We noticed a division between our curriculum and the professional world; a lack of construction experience among the student body. The competition was intended as an outlet for students to integrate all of their academic knowledge in a professional manner, through dialogue with the faculty outside of coursework, interactions among students of various levels, and the ability to work on the construction side of our profession. The winning team was awarded funding from the school to construct their design.

Design by:

Nico Hsu

Top Nasueb

Drew Smith

Damon Stich

Krissy Werner

Design by:

Asia Ligas

Anastasia Sekalias

Faculty Jury:

Sara Bartumues

David Emmons

Kevin Hinders

Bill Worn

Faculty Advisors:

Camden Greenlee

Brian Vesely

Faculty Jury:

Sara Bartumues

Jeff Poss

Hugh Swiatek

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