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An education within a specific field of study follows a very similar trajectory as the design process. Similar to developments depicted through individual areas of focus during the growth of a project, every educational study contributes a degree of knowledge towards the advancement of expertise. A narrative is recognizable from a broader, retrospective perspective, advanced through the accumulation of skill sets over time.

The preceding projects were a part of my academic education in architecture and design. They are presented in chronological order, beginning with the earliest attempts of studying  composition and concluding with the final investigations of my graduate degree. Each study is presented as completed during my academic education. They have been edited only in format for their digital presentation, intending to outline the overall trajectory of my schooling instead of suggesting a refined, retroactive reflection of past work.While some projects may indicate a higher level of expertise in certain areas of focus, they have all contributed to my current approach, mindset, and passion for design and the built environment. 

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